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Guitar Hut Owners
At Guitar Hut, we strive to help our local musicians! Our goal is to specialize in personal fretted instrument needs and to create an environment that inspires creativity in, and promotes camaraderie among, experienced and novice musicians alike.

Our journey started in 2008, on the East Coast. Lessons and repairs quickly became our main focus, which evolved into retail sales of guitars and related equipment. The original “Guitar Hut” was a sidecar building of a local florist in Martinsville, NJ – a mere 400 sq. feet – and no bathroom! Nonetheless, from the smallest screw to a jumbo bodied acoustic, we were able to stay in tune with our customers’ needs!

During the five years in our little “hut,” we met many wonderful and talented musicians who deeply inspired us. Motivated by their talent and personalities, we supplied quality musical instruments and equipment to our customers and have returned countless guitars and other stringed instruments to optimal condition.

Today, we have relocated and are embarking at a new location near the Rocky Mountains in Lafayette, CO with a store twice our original size – and with running water! Although we will dearly miss our old friends and students on the East Coast, we are excited about our new store and look forward to meeting and getting to know our new customers.

Come see us! We are waiting to meet and jam a song with you! See you soon!

Original Guitar Hut in Martinsville, NJ 2008

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Mon-Fri:  10am-6pm
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